A Simple Way To Avoid Pop-Up Drives In Golf

Taste success with a flatter drive

The pop-up refers to a wrongly hit shot due to placing excessive weight forward during the downswing; the club faces a highly steep angle when attacking the golf ball as a result it misses the shot. A golfer usually hits this shot at the long par-5, when he is wishing to cover a long portion of the greens.

Steep arc at downswing

When your hands reach a high point during the backswing, you are unable to achieve the full extension; hence, you have to place your body weight on the back foot. As a result, you bend forward when you take the backswing and lean backwards when you bring the club down.

Correct angle of attack

To rectify the pop-up drives, you must change your stance at address. Your posture should facilitate a long arc of backswing that will reduce the swing plane and the downswing arc will not remain so steep. Practice the wide stance. Release the right arm immediately before impact. As a result, your left arm becomes the leading arm. Practice the release of right arm several times to get rid of the pop-up.

Shift your body weight

Place the golf club with the support of your shoulders. You must bend your hips and place your right shoulder at a lower level. Rotate your body towards your right side. As you approach the backswing, place your shaft above the right leg.

Higher tee shot

Use a lesser vertical path during your swings. In this way, you will hit a higher tee measuring about 3 ¼ inches. You may use a 7-iron to practice higher tee shots.

Keep your head behind the golf ball

To avoid the pop-up drive you must bend your head slightly away from the golf ball during address as well as at impact. Position your golf club at least 6 inches above your golf ball, getting ready to take the swing. Swing the club from above the ball. It will lead to a flatter drive and the angle of attack will not be that deep.


You must tee the golf ball upwards and position yourself at a normal stance. Hit the regular backswing. When you are bringing the club down you must swing it above the ball and continue the swing up to one foot over the golf ball. Hit the ball after few practice swings.

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